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'Owd Jemmy' Jenkinson

James Jenkinson, who was locally known as 'Owd Jemmy' in later life, was the patriarch of the Jenkinson family of Eagland Hill, Pilling, Lancashire.

James was born in 1786, at Kirkland. On the 6th June 1808, at St Helen's Church, Churchtown, James married Ellen Fisher. In 1813, James co-founded the hamlet of Eagland Hill, Pilling. He and Ellen had fourteen children. Owd Jemmy died, aged 88 years, in 1874, at Birks Farm, Eagland Hill, and was buried at St John the Baptist Church, Pilling.

Alice Dennison has been interested in Family History for many years, and being related to 'Owd Jemmy', had become involved in researching his descendants. In the 1980s, Alice realised that many other people who were related to 'Owd Jemmy' were independently working on 'their bit' of the Jenkinson Family Tree, and she joined together with Evelyn Coggin, Carol Jenkinson and others who had also been working on 'Owd Jemmy's' descendants to found the 'Owd Jemmy' Family Tree Group. The group held several local meetings inviting people who were descended from 'Owd Jemmy' to bring information about their branch of the family, which could then be incorporated into one main Family Tree.

Their work is now complete, and they are keen to share the information they have gathered. The group's original intention was to publish a series of books containing information relating to each branch of the Tree, but this was proving difficult to organise, and it became clear that the best way to share the information would be to make it available on the Internet.

Using the information collected by the 'Owd Jemmy' Family Tree Group as a starting point, Alice and I have worked together to create this Website, which contains Owd Jemmy's Family Tree and other related information.  The Website continues to grow as people contribute additional information and photographs. If you have any information or photographs which we could include, please Contact Us.

Owd Jemmy's Family Tree can be accessed as follows:-

The Jemmy's Descendants Section contains a series of Biographies which are organised in a Family Tree structure, with 'Owd Jemmy' at the top. (In order to protect individual identities, we have not included details of anyone born in 1918 or after and who may be still alive, unless we have had specific permission from one of their living relatives.) 

The Biography Index allows you to navigate directly to a Biography of your choice.


Owd Jemmy's Family Tree contains information and pictures relating to 'Owd Jemmy' and many of his direct descendants. Alice does however hold further information that has been collected relating to the ancestry of many of the spouses who have married into the family, which has not been included on this Website. Please feel free to Contact Us if you would like Alice to check if she holds any additional information relating to the ancestry of your particular branch of the family.

Alice and I would like to thank the members of the 'Owd Jemmy' Family Tree Group and all the people who have helped them by contributing information about their particular line of the 'Owd Jemmy' Family Tree. We would also like thank all the people who have contributed additional information and photographs for inclusion on the 'Owd Jemmy' Website. We have now had so many of your kind contributions that it has become impossible to mention you all individually without the fear of missing someone out. Thank you to you all for adding such interest to our Website!

Visit the What's New? Section to see what has recently been added.

Visit the Photo Gallery Section to see a selection of local photographs which relate to 'Owd Jemmy'.

Visit the Pilling and Eagland Hill Section to see articles relating to Pilling, Eagland Hill and the surrounding area.

Alice and I hope you enjoy our Website!


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