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'Owd Jemmy' Jenkinson of Eagland Hill
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This Section of the Website contains a series of Indexes allowing you to navigate directly to the Biographies of 'Owd Jemmy' Jenkinson, his children and many of their descendants.

In order to protect individual identities, we have not included details of anyone born in 1921 or after and who may be still alive, unless we have had specific permission from one of their living relatives.

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The following Surnames are included in the Indexes:

Archer, Armstrong
Baker, Ball, Bamber, Banks,
Billington, Birkett, Bleasdale, Bousfield, Bradley, Bradshaw, Breckell, Bryning
Clegg, Coggin, Colley, Collinson, Cookson, Craine, Cross
Danson, Davis, Dewhurst, Dickinson, Dodd, Dunderdale
Fairclough, Fenton, Fort, Foster
Gardner, Gornall, Green
Hall, Hankey, Harrison, Haslam, Higginson, Holden, Houghton, Hoyles
Jackson, Jenkinson, Johnson, Jones
Mitchell, Moore, Morley
Newby, Newsham
Park, Parker, Parkinson, Parr, Phethean, Preston, Pye
Redman, Richardson, Ronson, Roskell, Rowe, Rushton
Salisbury, Sanderson, Shawcross, Shepherd, Sherdley, Singleton, Stafford, Steele, Swarbrick
Tattersall, Taylor, Thompson, Thornton, Tomlinson
Wadsworth, Wainman, Walmsley, Webster, Whiteside, Wilcock, Wilkinson, Williamson, Winchester, Winder, Winstanley

The Biographies can also be accessed from the Jemmy's Descendants Section,
where they are organised in a tree structure, with 'Owd Jemmy' at the top.

Please Contact Us if you think that you may be descended from 'Owd Jemmy', and would like our help to find out how you link into the 'Owd Jemmy' Family Tree.

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