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'Owd Jemmy' Jenkinson of Eagland Hill
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'Owd Jemmy' Contact and Discussion Forum

Alice and I created the 'Owd Jemmy' Jenkinson Family History Website in 2009. Since then we've had contact with lots of descendants of 'Owd Jemmy' and thought it would be a good idea to create a Contact and Discussion Forum so that everyone can make contact with each other too.

Once you have joined our Forum you can hold conversations and make contact with other Forum Members in the form of posted messages.

Please feel free to join our Forum - we look forward to meeting you!

All you need to do is register a user name and password to become a Forum Member, then login using these details each time you visit the Forum.

We would also appreciate your ideas for new discussion topics etc. in the Suggestions and Feedback section of the Forum.

Click Owd Jemmy's photo below to enter the Forum.

'Owd Jemmy' Forum 'Owd Jemmy' Forum


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