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'Owd Jemmy' Jenkinson of Eagland Hill
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This Section of the Website shows a selection of photographs of people who we believe are descended from Owd Jemmy, who have not been formally identified.

Can you help identify any of the people appearing below?

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Unknown photograph owned by Betty Rands (nee Webster)

Photo owned by Betty Webster

This photograph was submitted by Betty's daughter Pat.

Betty Rands (nee Webster) was the daughter of of Richard Webster and Betty Fairclough.

Pat thinks the people in the photograph may be related to her mum. Can you help her name the individuals in the photograph and the house in the background?

Please Email us at:
if you recognise any of the people in the photograph.

Photographs of William Cookson.

William Cookson

William Cookson

The two photographs on the right, which were believed to be William Armstrong, have been identified as William Cookson. William was born in 1812, and lived at Pilling Hall Farm with his family. Several of William's descendants married 'Owd' Jemmy's descendants.

Thank you to Steve Griffiths for providing us with the photograph below of the Cookson family gathering outside Pilling Hall Farm, taken in about 1900, in which William Cookson appears sitting at the front on the left. We agree with Steve that he bears a very strong resemblance to the gent in our images, with the clothing worn in the images appearing to be identical!

Cookson family gathering outside Pilling Hall Farm

Is this Mary Jenkinson's son, James Jenkinson?

Is this a photograph of Mary Jenkinson's son, James?


This photograph is believed to be of James Jenkinson, the son of Mary Gornall (nee Jenkinson). James was born in 1840, and married Rebecca Clifton.

The photo has at some point been annotated with the name
"J. Jenkinson".

James's Biography can be seen at James Jenkinson (1840-1911).

Can you identify this man?

Please Email us at: contact@jemmyjenkinson.co.uk if you know his identity.

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