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Pilling and Eagland Hill

This Section of the Website contains articles relating to Pilling, Eagland Hill and the surrounding area.


Around and About Pilling is a video of Pilling narrated by Hugh Sherdley.
From an early age, Hugh's interest in local history, together with a remarkable memory, made him a fountain of knowledge on Pilling's past. This interest led him to become a founder member of the Pilling & District Historical Society. His wide knowledge of local history, archaeology and heraldry was respected by historians throughout the Country.

Allen Clarke travelled throughout the Fylde area in the early 1900's.
Click here to see his account of Pilling which appeared in "Windmill Land" which was published in 1916.

A History of Pilling by Frank Lowe, the husband of one of Owd Jemmy's Gornall descendants.

Eagland Hill Pioneers James Jenkinson and Joseph Isles (or Hoyles) founded the Hamlet of Eagland Hill, Pilling, in the year 1813 or 1814.

Ancient craft keeping Lancashire warm by local historian John Grimbaldeston details Peat Farming in the Over Wyre area.

The day a jet fighter crashed in Pilling couple's back garden by local historian John Grimbaldeston details the 4th September 1968, when people in Pilling had an amazing escape when a jet fighter crashed in the heart of the community.

www.overwyre.info is a website detailing the History and Topography of Over Wyre and Knott End.




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