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This Section of the Website contains transcripts of Newspaper Interviews, Reports and other Publications relating to 'Owd Jemmy' Jenkinson and his descendants.


Man with Lancashire's history at his fingertips
Owd Jemmy's great-great-great-grandson, and Local Historian, John Higginson, was awarded a British Association for Local History Award for Personal Achievement in Local History. In this Article which appeared in the Lancashire Evening Post in April 2018, Angela Norris celebrates her friend's remarkable local knowledge.

Ancient craft keeping Lancashire warm
Owd Jemmy's great-great-grandson, Robert 'Bob' Jenkinson and his great-great-grandson, John 'Jack' Bradshaw were both Peat Farmers. This article about Over Wyre Peat Farming appeared in the Lancashire Evening Post in January 2018.

Dance band buddies discover blood bond
Owd Jemmy's great-great-great-great-grandson, Melvyn Bilsborough, was a founder member of the Sleepwalkers, one of the district’s best known singing groups in the 1960s. He and his friend, Colin Davis, realised they are both related and descended from John Jenkinson, Owd Jemmy's father. This article about the two friends was written by Angela Norris and appeared in the Garstang Courier.

'Moss, Sand & Mud Pies' by Anne Curwen (nee Jenkinson)
Owd Jemmy's great-great-great-grandaughter, Anne Curwen (nee Jenkinson) has written a book, 'Moss, Sand & Mud Pies. My Childhood in Pilling', about her memories of Pilling. An interview with Anne about her book was published in the Lancashire Evening Post on Wednesday 9th January 2019. Copies of the book are available, priced 5.00 from Anne on 01253 790346 or from Pilling Pottery. All profits from Anne's book are being donated to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

An Obituary to Ethel Jenkinson (nee Gornall) (1919-2015)
Owd Jemmy's great-great-granddaughter, Ethel Jenkinson (nee Gornall), was born in 1919, and died at the grand old age of 96 years, in 2015. Ethel's daughter, Anne, wrote this Obituary to her mother, Ethel.

Relative Values - a gathering of Jemmy's descendants
In September 2000, an article appeared in the Garstang Courier in which the Owd Jemmy Family Tree Group invited people who were descended from 'Owd Jemmy' to bring information about their branch of the family to a meeting at St Mark's Church and Schoolroom, Eagland Hill, later that month.

Memoirs of Annie Higginson (nee Jenkinson)
In 1991, Owd Jemmy's great-great-granddaughter, Annie Higginson (nee Jenkinson) (1909-2000), published her Memoirs, which detailed life in Pilling Village in the early 1900s, in Volume VI of the Over-Wyre Historical Journal.

'My Life on Burrows Farm'
Later in life, Owd Jemmy's great-great-grandaughter, Hannah Wilkinson (nee Orr) (1909-1995), who was brought up on Burrows Farm, Staynall, wrote an account of the early years of her life.

'Memories of an Early Twentieth Century Childhood’
Later in life, Owd Jemmy's great-great-granddaughter, Evelyn Duckworth (nee Rushton)  (1905-), published her Memoirs, in which she describes her summer holidays spent with their grandparents, Joseph and Hannah Green, at Hale Nook, Out Rawcliffe.

Matt and Jane Higginson's Golden Wedding
In 1975, a report marking the Golden Wedding of Owd Jemmy's great-great-granddaughter, Jane Ann Whiteside (1902-1978), and her husband Matt Higginson, was published in a local newspaper.

A Pilling man who was a genius
In 1963, the story of Owd Jemmy's grandson, Richard Gornall (1864-1916), and his eldest son, Fred Gornall (1883-1963), who were both Mechanics and Inventors in Pilling, appeared in the Gazette & Herald.

Another Pilling man is Garstang's choice
In 1962, a report marking the investiture of Edwin Hodgson as chairman of Garstang Rural Council was published in a local newspaper. Edwin was the husband of Owd Jemmy's great-great-granddaughter, Belinda Morley (1906-1992).

An Interview with John 'Jack Jenkinson
In August 1960, Owd Jemmy's grandson, John 'Jack' Jenkinson (1866-1961), was interviewed, aged 94, by the Blackpool Evening Gazette.

Frank Armstrong cutting turf at Island Farm, Nateby
In July 1960, an article about Owd Jemmy's great-grandson, Frank Armstrong (1876-1973) cutting turf at Island Farm, Nateby, featured in the Blackpool Evening Gazette.

The 13 Corn Stacks at Upper Birks Farm, Eagland Hill
In 1956, Owd Jemmy's great-grandson, Joe Gornall (1878-1966), who farmed Upper Birks, Eagland Hill, and his son, Dick, featured in a report about their 13 corn stacks in the Blackpool Evening Gazette.

Richard and Jennet Jenkinson's Diamond Wedding
In 1932, a report marking the Diamond Wedding of Owd Jemmy's grandson, Richard Jenkinson (1854-1936), and his wife Jennet, appeared in the Fleetwood Chronicle.

A Big Event in the life of Robert and Alice Jenkinson of Isles Field Farm
In 1913, Owd Jemmy's great-grandson, Robert Jenkinson (1873-1960) and his wife, Alice, moved from Goosnargh to Stalmine, and their herd of cows was driven from Goosnargh to Stalmine by their two eldest daughters, Ann and Ellen, and the girls uncle, Adam Jenkinson. The story of the journey has been retold for us by Robert and Alice's grandson, John Higginson.

An Interview with James Jenkinson Jnr.
In 1897, Owd Jemmy's son, James Jenkinson (1811-1900), was interviewed by the Preston Guardian.

"Lancashire Cheese-Making" by Joseph Gornall
In 1892, Owd Jemmy's grandson, Joseph Gornall (1856-1928) invented the 'Gornall Patent Cheesemaker', and wrote and published a book, entitled "Lancashire Cheese-Making", in which he described his Cheese-makers use. 

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