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2nd April 2019
Elizabeth 'Betty' Jenkinson, born in about 1791, at Kirkland, added as the
daughter of John Jenkinson (1752-1838) (Jemmy's sister).

28th January 2019
Owd Jemmy's great-great-great-grandaughter, Anne Curwen (nee Jenkinson) has written a book,
Moss, Sand & Mud Pies. My Childhood in Pilling
about her memories of Pilling. An interview with Anne about her book was published in the Lancashire Evening Post on Wednesday 9th January 2019 and has been included in the Interviews and Reports section. Copies of the book are available, priced 5.00 from Anne on 01253 790346 or from Pilling Pottery. All profits from Anne's book are being donated to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

31st March 2018
Alice and I created the 'Owd Jemmy' Jenkinson Family History Website in 2009. Since then we've had contact with lots of descendants of 'Owd Jemmy' and thought it would be a good idea to create a
'Owd Jemmy' Forum
so that everyone can make contact with each other too.
Use the link above or click on the 'Owd Jemmy' Forum Option on the Site Menu.
Once you have joined our Forum you can hold conversations and make contact with other Forum Members in the form of posted messages.
Please feel free to join our Forum – we look forward to meeting you!

22nd March 2018
A History of Pilling by Frank Lowe, the husband of one of Owd Jemmy's Gornall descendants, added to the Pilling and Eagland Hill Section.

21st March 2018
The Eagland Hill Pioneer Section of the Website has been replaced by a new Section which will include articles relating to Pilling and Eagland Hill, and the surrounding area. If you have any information you would like us to include in this Section, please Contact Us.

19th March 2018
Information relating to Frank Armstrong (1884-).
Information relating to Emmanuel Wilkinson and Margaret Ann Wilkinson (nee Armstrong) (1882-1947).
Information relating to James Christophers and Margery Christophers (nee Wilkinson) (1912-2002).
Information relating to Reginald Perry and Nora Perry (nee Wilkinson) (1915-2001).

17th March 2018
Wedding photo of John Bradley and Margaret Bradley (nee Ronson) (1920-2014).

12th March 2018
Information relating to John Raymond Gardner and Ellen Gardner (nee Jenkinson) (1930-).

20th February 2018
Photographs and information relating to Annie Ronson (nee Cookson) (1916-1997) and her love of music.

19th February 2018
Funeral Cards for Adam Jenkinson (1877-1880), Margaret Green (1890-1915),
Alice Bradshaw (1917-1923), and Ruth Bradshaw (1920-1937).
The Funeral Cards for the above children are shown next to their name entries on
their parent's Biography Page.

18th February 2018
Funeral Card for Elizabeth Ellen Cookson (nee Green) (1880-1936).

1st February 2018
Photograph of pupils of St John's School, Pilling, taken circa 1919, in the Photo Gallery.
Further details relating to the pupils of St John's School, Pilling, in the photo taken circa 1919.

29th January 2018
Wedding photo of Robert Roskell and Mary Ellen Roskell (nee Jenkinson) (1906-1944).
Photographs of John Jenkinson (1901-1987) and Mary Alice Jenkinson (nee Breckell).

28th January 2018
Photograph of Bob and Margaret Ronson, the children of Thomas Ronson (1894-1921) and Mary Isobel Ronson (nee Gaulter).
Photographs of John Robert 'Bob' Ronson (1916-1996) and Annie Ronson (nee Cookson) (1916-1997).

25th January 2018
Photograph of Robert 'Bob' Cookson and Hannah 'Lizzie' Elizabeth Cookson (nee Jenkinson) (1884-1935) and their seven eldest children.
Wedding photo of William Hornby and Ellen 'Nellie' Hornby (nee Cookson) (1908-1992).

24th January 2018
Wedding photo of Henry 'Harry' Ainsworth Steele and Jenny Steele (nee Pye) (1899-1989).
Wedding photo of Albert McNeal and Ellen 'Nellie' McNeal (nee Pye) (1901-1977).
Photograph of Mary Alice Pye (1904-1983).

23rd January 2018
Photograph of James and Margaret Ann Thompson and their family, circa 1903.

22nd January 2018
Photograph of Thomas 'Tom' Jenkinson (1888-1984).
Photograph of Thomas 'Tommy' Redman (1928-2008) and Edith Vera Lawrenson.
Photograph of Agnes Redman (nee Thompson) (1886-1971).

21st January 2018
Photograph of Margaret 'Maggie Jane Redman (1893-1967)
with her younger sister Edith Agnes Redman (1905-1978).

17th January 2018
Photograph of Joseph 'Joe' Green (1913-1991).
Photograph of Doris Redman (1921-1999).

16th January 2018
Photograph of John Jenkinson (1910-1945).
Photograph of William 'Bill' Jenkinson (1914-1976).

15th January 2018
Photograph of William 'Bill' Jenkinson (1911-1995).

13th January 2018
Information and photo relating to Peter Richardson and Alice Richardson (nee Gornall) (1920-2011).

10th October 2017
Wedding photo of John Roskell and Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Roskell (nee Bradshaw) (1914-1982).

4th October 2017
Correction of birthplace of Margaret Orr (nee Roberts), wife of Peter Isles Orr (1926-2005).

22nd February 2017
Information relating to Edward 'Teddy' Wilkinson and Margaret Wilkinson (nee Richardson) (1925-2005).

1st November 2016
Wedding photo of Robert 'Bob' Fenton (1913-1968) and Mary Fenton (nee Jenkinson) (1915-2009).
Wedding photo of John Jenkinson Cookson (1906-1988) and Mary Ann 'Molly' Cookson (nee Birtles).
Wedding photo of Robert 'Bob' Cookson (1913-1985) and Annie Cookson (nee Isles).

7th July 2016
Information relating to Alice Newsham (1859-1917).

16th February 2016
Photographs of Mary Alice Pye (1904-1983).
Photograph of Annie Steele (1924-2005)
Wedding photo of John Robert Jenkinson (1910-1989) and Annie Jenkinson (nee Jolleys).

14th February 2016
Wedding photo of Richard Edwin Ronson (1924-1990) and Henrietta Ronson (nee Thompson).

13th February 2016
Photograph of Adam Green (1877-1944) and Ellen Green (nee Jenkinson) (1882-1958).
Photographs of Jenny Steele (nee Pye) (1899-1989) and Henry 'Harry' Ainsworth Steele.
Wedding photo of Victor Wilfred Gaulter and Margery Gaulter (nee Cookson) (1911-2008).
Wedding photo of John Jenkinson (1910-1998) and Elizabeth Jenkinson (nee Hall).

12th February 2016
A photograph of John Jenkinson (1848-1913) and Ellen Jenkinson (nee Dickinson) and a photograph of their daughters, Ellen, Hannah Lizzie, Alice and Ruth.

30th December 2015
Photographs and information relating to
Robert 'Bob' Stafford (1921-) and Mary Jenkinson (1925-2013).

24th November 2015
Correction of the birth date for Matthew 'Matt' Parkinson (1921-2003).

9th November 2015
An Obituary to Ethel Jenkinson (nee Gornall) (1919-2015), written by Ethel's daughter, Anne, has been added to the Interviews & Reports Section, and to Ethel's Biography.

4th November 2015
Photographs relating to James Francis Whiteside (1872-1935) and Lucy Whiteside (nee Bradley).
Photograph of Ellen 'Nell' Whiteside (1913-2006).

31st October 2015
Information and photographs relating to Peter Isles Orr (1926-2005).
Information and photographs relating to Muriel Orr (1931-2012).

25th October 2015
Photograph of James Banks (1901-1989).
Wedding photograph of Hannah Orr (1909-1995).
Photograph of Peter Lawrenson Orr, husband of Alice Parkinson (1870-1952).

24th October 2015
Information and photographs relating to William 'Billy' Orr (1902-1933).

20th October 2015
Information relating to Ellen 'Nell' Whiteside (1913-2006).

25th August 2015
Correction of the death date for William 'Billy' Orr (1902-1933).

4th January 2015
Identification of William Cookson in the Photo Gallery.

30th December 2014
Information and photograph relating to Annie Jones (nee Gornall) (1884-1966)
and information relating to Frederick Gornall Jones (1912-2000).

12th August 2014
Details relating to Joseph Jenkinson (1911-1998), Edward 'Ted' Jenkinson (1913-1997),
Jeanette 'Jenny' Jenkinson (1913-1998) and Albert Jenkinson (1915-2006)

1st February 2014
Information and photographs relating to John Fenton (1879-1964) and Mary Fenton (nee Holmes).

22nd October 2013
Information and photos relating to Margaret Josephine Winstanley (1921-2003),
Mary Veronica Winstanley (1923-2012) and Richard Davis Winstanley (1929-1990).

4th November 2012
Information relating to Nellie Gornall (1923-2009) , Thomas Gornall (1925-1990) and
Mary Gornall (1927-2005).

3rd November 2012
Further information relating to John and Mary Alice Harrison (nee Higginson) (1880-1951) and their children, Isabella Harrison (1904-1980) , Thomas Harrison (1907-) , Ann Harrison (1910-)
and John Harrison (1915-1931).

28th August 2012
Further information relating to Mary Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Clegg (1893-1964),
William Clegg (1898-1982), Annie Clegg (1900-1985) and Richard Clegg (1909-1971).

3rd August 2012
Information relating to William Clegg (1898-1982).

12th May 2012
Information relating to Ethel Collinson (1909-1985), Richard Collinson (1911-1994),
Joseph Collinson (1912-1976) and Jonathan Collinson (1913-1988).

5th May 2012
Information relating to James and Ellen Fisher, the parents of 'Owd Jemmy's' wife, Ellen Fisher.

4th May 2012
Information relating to Thomas 'Tom' Dewhurst Redman (1927-2005).

1st May 2012
Information and photos of Alf Preston and Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Preston (nee Cookson) (1896-1981).
Information relating to Robert Cookson (1888-1949) and his family.

24th March 2012
Photograph of Arthur Holdsworth and Vesta Holdsworth (nee Wadsworth) (1911-2006).
Information relating to Norman Wadsworth (1910-1983).

11th March 2012
Information relating to Vesta Wadsworth (1911-2006).

6th March 2012
Photographs of Ralph Houghton and Elizabeth Stafford (1853-1934).
Photograph of Margaret Houghton (1874-1969).
Photograph of Eve Houghton (1885-).
Photographs of Vesta Houghton (1891-1962).
Photograph of Alice Stafford (1847-1939).

5th March 2012
Photos and information relating to William George 'Billy' Davis and Hannah Jenkinson (1899-).
Information relating to Frederick Jenkinson 'Eric' Davis (1925-).

4th March 2012
Parents and birth details of Mary Margaret 'Molly' Ashworth (1917-).

17th January 2011
Wedding photograph of Matthew 'Matt' Parkinson and Mary Orr (1923-2005).

23rd September 2010
Information relating to James Billington (1911-2001) and Ellen 'Nellie' Billington (1916-1999).
Information relating Harold Bamber, Mary Bamber, Ada Bamber and Charles Bamber,
the children of William Bamber and Sarah Ellen Fairclough (1886-1980).
Photograph of James Fairclough (1881-) and Susan Fairclough (nee Haslam).
Photograph of Samuel Wood and Nancy Wood (nee Fairclough) (1889-1922).

22nd September 2010
Photograph of John 'Jack' Bailey Ronson and Deborah 'Dora' Jenkinson (1893-1977).
Wedding photo of Thomas 'Tommy' Rowe (1917-1988) and Doris Deborah Parr (1911-).

21st September 2010
Wedding photo of William 'Billy' Whiteside (1904-1986) and Maggie Whiteside (nee Danson).
Wedding photo of Terence Patrick Murphy and Annie Murphy (nee Jenkinson) (1928-).
Wedding photo of Harold Cummings and Alice Cummings (nee Banks) (1926-2003).
Wedding photo of Tom Collinson and Annie Collinson (nee Jenkinson) (1917-1988).
Wedding photo of Thomas Southward and Elsie Southward (nee Jenkinson) (1917-).

20th September 2010
Photograph of William Jenkinson (1886-1959) and Mary Alice Jenkinson (nee Bradley).
Photograph of Mary Jenkinson (1909-1988).
Wedding photo of Thomas 'Tommy' Ronson (1914-2002) and Jane Ronson (nee Armer).
Wedding photo of John 'Jack' Houghton (1879-) and Ellen Jane Houghton (nee Bleasdale).

11th September 2010
Photos of Hannah Bradley (1900-1973), Jane Bradley (1901-) and Ellen 'Nellie' Bradley (1903-).

9th August 2010
Photograph of Henry Bradley (1875-) and Betty Bradley (nee Cookson).

8th August 2010
Photo Gallery: Unknown photographs owned by Betty Rands (nee Webster). These three photographs were submitted by Betty's daughter Pat. She thinks the people in the photographs may be related to her mum. Can you help her name the individuals in the photographs?

6th August 2010
Information relating to Dorothy 'Dolly' Webster (1912-1972) and Betty Webster (1919-1981).

5th March 2010
Photograph of Mary Ellen Dickinson (nee Jenkinson) (1898-1981).

14th February 2010
Information relating to John Alan Jenkinson (1934-2001) and Ann Christine Jenkinson (nee Hallas).

3rd February 2010
Photograph of John Jenkinson (1871-1952) and Ellen Jenkinson (nee Harrison) and their children.
Wedding Photo of Wilson Clifford Gardner and Isabel Harrison Jenkinson (1911-1994).

2nd February 2010
Photo of Richard Jenkinson (1854-1936), Jennet Jenkinson (nee Thompson) and their family.
Photo of Joseph 'Joe' Jenkinson (1887-1961), Margaret Jenkinson (nee Redman) and their family.
Wedding Photo of Richard 'Dick Jenkinson (1917-) and Hilda Barton.

28th January 2010
Photo of William Henry Cross (1885-1963) and Margaret Ann Cross (nee Hoyle).
Photograph of the children of Adam Parr and Mary Parr (nee Jenkinson) (1884-1964).
Wedding Photo of Thomas 'Tommy' Rowe (1917-1988) and Doris Deborah Parr (1911-).

25th January 2010
Photograph of James Cross (1871-).
Photo of the children of William Henry Cross (1885-1963) and Margaret Ann Cross (nee Hoyle).

20th January 2010
Photos of James Cross (1846-1930) and Elizabeth Cross (nee Haslam).
Photos of Thomas Cross (1873-) and Margaret Cross (nee Metcalf).

19th January 2010
Information relating to John Singleton (1882-1906).

11th January 2010
Information relating to Francis Johnson (1896-1945).


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